In addition to comprehensive contracting services our company offers hiring out of qualified workers for the projects. We have the relevant specialists, executing orders strictly according to the customer's guidelines. We are a reliable company that offers professional vocational training. We have qualified staff and well-equipped workshops. This allows us to offer top quality services to our customers.


We hire out the following specialists:


 - Industrial Insulator

-  Industrial Tinsmith

- Measurer

- Painter – Sander

- Scaffolding Fitter

- Rope Access Worker

- Welder

- Electrician

- Ventilation and Air-conditioning Fitter

- Facade Fitters (Aluminum)

- Facade Fitters (Glass)

- Sandwich Panel Fitter

- Trapezoid Sheet Fitter

- Tinsmith/Roofer

- Asbestos Removal Specialist.