With a variety of scaffolding systems and our specialists that are qualified enough to use them, we take part in the largest industrial and commercial projects in many European locations. Depending on demand and the scale of the project, we offer comprehensive assistance, not only in designing or choosing the appropriate scaffolds, but also when the customer is interested in its installation, operation or dismounting.  Among other specialized services,  we offer a habitat – a system of sealed protective structures (tarpaulin), guaranteeing safety during the works where open sources of fire are applied e.g. welding, using an angle grinder in the active refineries / drilling platforms (The Habitat-welding safety system).


Using the best solutions based on a review of the customer's needs and the highest European safety standards, we provide full support and a trouble-free service at every stage of our cooperation.  With extensive experience and knowledge, we are a solid and reliable partner for the biggest companies in Europe and in the world. We can send our employees anywhere, providing fast and efficient implementation of the given tasks.