We specialize in the assembly services pertaining to a variety of insulation technologies dedicated to individual industries. Depending on the needs defined by our customers, we use selected materials and tailor-made solutions to meet all the required standards. By working for the most prominent companies within our industries, we developed labor standards that allow us to work fast on the most demanding projects.  Carefully selected technologies, including precisely calculated parameters of the insulation and the most optimal connection systems guarantee the highest durability and efficiency of our projects. We are the experts in this industry. We hire experienced, top-class specialists to achieve the best result at a competitive price. 


We use the following insulation technologies:


- chemical resistant insulation

- corrosion resistant (paint coating)

- thermal insulation

- cold insulation

- acoustic insulation

- fire protection

- explosion proof insulation

- protective insulation (protective coating)

- facade insulation (sandwich panels)

- technical insulation.